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My niche is setting “unrealistic” goals and proving it otherwise! Though I have been a social media marketing expert for more than ? years, I am not going to promise a magic carpet, but will for sure devise a strong strategy to bring your A-game to the market!
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    Ever since I realized that forming strategic decisions was only my second nature, I have done nothing but expanded the scope for it. Naturally, my instinct was to enter the marketing field and know the how's and why's of the field (and I did that!). It was all good, but once I got to know about the wonders one could do in marketing through digital platforms, it just clicked!

    Fast-forward to the present, I am a digital marketer with 10 years of experience. I think digital marketing is more psychological and a lot more scientific than it looks at the surface. Not everything can be influenced through paid marketing campaigns. Sometimes, you have to step out of the frame and see the whole picture to see what you are missing!

    I advise clients to ask a ton of questions! Effective communication can help me understand more about your business and its schematics. I also have a strong moral compass and DO NOT indulge in unethical SMM services. I strongly believe that a business should be built on a transparent work process and mutual respect. If you are looking for nothing but an illusion of spurt, I am not the guy! If you have a vision and want to work on that, you are in the right place.

    I value facts more than anything. Data-driven decision making is part of my culture, so I apply the same at what I do the best! My portfolio is diverse and every project from my portfolio is personal to me! I have collaborated with different businesses and clients across domains and regions to help hack their business growth! I think, one of my major strengths is to understand the audience. Social media is an ocean and if you can entice the right audience, half the work is done and attracting organic social media leads is just a matter of time!

    By the end of the day, I am a consumer too! So, I am my biggest critic!

    What’s Included?

    What's Included In My Social Media Marketing Services?

    • Social media management

      Managing anything and everything associated with your social media channels come under social media management. This includes managing your presence in various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and the whole shebang! Daily operations include staying active on these channels and focusing on the target audience to get more leads. This also includes replying and interacting with your customers on these channels. If done right, this can boost your brand value by many folds.

    • Social media AD management

      Social media AD management is one of the most efficient ways to market or advertise your product/service. You can target a wider audience at a relatively minimum cost. In the age of the internet, this is by far a crucial weapon to include in your arsenal. Many businesses solely depend on social media AD campaigns to establish their presence. If perfectly designed, these AD campaigns are all that you need to monetize your ideas. Plus, it is easy to target your audience geographically and can adjust the metrics accordingly.

    • Influencer marketing

      Ever since the boom of social media, influencer marketing is the talk of the town. An influencer is someone who sways a particular group of people into making decisions that he/she suggests. This power could be because of their knowledge or position in their field, or it could be a simple fact that they have prior experience in this field- the rules are pretty fuzzy around this. But the role of influencer in a market is simply too big to miss. There is an untapped potential here and if you can play the right switches, your sales number would be through the roof

    • Strategy consulting

      Every business operates within a box. Strategic consultants draw these boxes and help you stay within the box. Any business, irrespective of the nature and domain needs a strategic consultant. In a way, strategic consultants are the face of the business. The C-suite leaders are indeed the ones who run the operations of your business, but strategic consultants are the ones who provide the game plan to these C-suite leaders. The key is to not be swayed away by instincts and intuition but focus on the facts and figures to arrive at conclusions.

    • Extensive onboarding

      A business is built out of mutual respect and trust. I am pretty compulsive over the onboarding process because I think it is important for the client to know about the overall process along with the specifics. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s! There is enough space for the client to share about their vision, long-term, and short-term goals of their business so that I get the full picture. The more I understand your business, the better I can devise my strategy! In addition to all these things, I assure you of complete confidentiality over your personal and business data.

    • Reports

      I believe in numbers, as simple as that. I keep a complete track record of the work process. This data is organized and stored to ensure easy access when needed. I usually give you a weekly report of the events and work. apart from this, I will draw up comprehensive monthly and quarterly reports. This will help gain a better understanding of the work process and this data is so valuable to make strategic decisions for the business. If you already have a reporting system in mind, I will see to it that it happens.

    What Clients Say


    I would highly recommend working with Mr.Arul who gave me quick results that boosted my business. He can work on any business niche and deliver the exact outcome which you expect!


    Thank you, Arul for your quality work! My website now ranks #1 on search engines!! My expectations were high and I couldn't thank you enough for this awesome work to make my business profitable!


    I'm completely satisfied with his work and now I could experience greater traffic to my website when compared to the past! He is also good at building quality links which have helped me to rank well! I would surely work with him in the future as well!